Vertiv Liebert GXE UPS 6000-10000VA

The Vertiv Liebert GXE UPS 6000-10000VA is a robust and reliable uninterruptible power supply system designed to provide superior power protection for critical applications. This UPS model offers a capacity range of 6000 to 10000 VA, making it suitable for medium to large-sized IT and network infrastructures, data centers, telecommunications, and industrial applications that demand consistent and clean power.

One of the standout features of the Vertiv Liebert GXE UPS is its high efficiency and energy-saving capabilities. The UPS operates with a high efficiency rate, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. Additionally, it includes an ECO mode that further enhances energy savings by allowing the UPS to operate in a more energy-efficient manner when the power conditions are stable.

Overall, the Vertiv Liebert GXE UPS 6000-10000VA is a high-performance power protection solution that combines advanced technology, flexibility, and user-friendly features. Its ability to provide clean and uninterrupted power, coupled with its energy efficiency and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for ensuring the continuous operation of critical systems in a wide range of applications. Whether for IT infrastructure, data centers, telecommunications, or industrial environments, the Liebert GXE UPS delivers the reliability and performance needed to protect your operations.

Technical Specifications


Power Rating

Input Voltage

Output Voltage



6000VA / 6000W

230V AC

220 / 230 (default) / 240 VAC; (user configurable)

Up to 94%


10000VA / 10000W

230V AC

220 / 230 (default) / 240 VAC; (user configurable)

Up to 94%


10000VA / 10000W

230V AC

220 / 230 (default) / 240 VAC; (user configurable)

Up to 94%

Key Features


Includes an ECO mode for additional energy savings during stable power conditions.

Flexible Installation Options

Supports both rack and tower installations for versatile deployment.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive LCD display provides real-time status updates and simplifies configuration and management.

Warranty and Support

Comes with a comprehensive warranty and access to Vertiv’s global service network for support and maintenance.

Advanced Monitoring and Management

Compatible with Vertiv’s monitoring software for enhanced visibility and control.

Advanced Network Communication

Equipped with multiple communication ports (USB, RS-232, and network card slots) for remote monitoring and management.

Scalable and Reliable Power Supply

Intelligent battery management system optimizes battery performance and ensures reliable power supply.

Comprehensive Protection

  • Provides pure sine wave output for compatibility with sensitive electronic devices.


Data Center

Protects critical data center infrastructure from power disturbances.

IT and Network Infrastructure

Ideal for servers, networking equipment, and other IT infrastructure requiring continuous power.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Protects industrial equipment and processes from power interruptions.


Ensures reliable power supply for telecommunication systems and equipment.

Commercial Environments

Suitable for protecting office IT equipment, ensuring business continuity and data protection.