Vertiv PAC Extend Warranty Service

The Vertiv PAC Extend Warranty Service is designed to extend the warranty coverage of Vertiv Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) units beyond the standard warranty period. This service offers peace of mind by providing continued protection and support for PAC systems, ensuring they remain reliable and efficient throughout their extended warranty period.

Key Features

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extends the standard warranty period for Vertiv PAC units, providing continued protection against defects in materials and workmanship.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers the cost of repairs or replacement of defective components during the extended warranty period, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance and repairs.

Enhanced Support

Access to technical support and expertise from Vertiv-certified technicians, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of issues.

Preventive Maintenance

Optional inclusion of preventive maintenance services to keep PAC systems operating at peak performance and efficiency.

Key Features

Cost Savings

Minimizes unexpected expenses related to repairs or replacements of PAC components during the extended warranty period.

Extended Resolution

Provides continued coverage and support beyond the standard warranty, ensuring PAC systems remain operational and reliable.

Peace Of Mind

Assures customers of reliable support and prompt resolution of issues by Vertiv-certified technicians.

Enhanced Performance

Optional preventive maintenance helps optimize PAC system performance, reducing the risk of downtime and improving energy efficiency.


Data Centers

Ensures continuous operation of PAC units critical for maintaining stable environmental conditions for IT equipment.

Telecommunications Facilities

Protects telecom infrastructure by extending warranty coverage for PAC units essential for maintaining optimal operating conditions.

Healthcare Facilities

Supports uninterrupted operation of PAC systems crucial for maintaining clean air and precise temperature and humidity levels in healthcare environments.

Commercial Buildings

Enhances indoor air quality and comfort in offices, retail spaces, and other commercial facilities reliant on PAC systems.