Delta RT Series 5/6/8/10 kVA Single Phase UPS, 10/15/20 kVA Three Phase UPS

High power density, system efficiency, and a flexible configuration to suit customer demands are all features of the Amplon RT Series 5-20 kVA Online UPS Double, which offers best-in-class design in a small 2U dimension. The power factor emphasizes the benefits of increasing capacity for more crucial loads; based on AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode, significant energy savings can be realized. The 5-20 kVA RT Series UPS is also the first product on the market to offer a standard Li-ion battery cabinet, enhancing durability and density. The new range of tiny power UPSs has parallel capabilities of up to four units and are perfect for mission-critical applications including servers, data centers, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • True online dual conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery provide 24/7 full-time protection
  • A wide input voltage range allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and extends battery life
  • AC-start function allows UPS to be started without connecting to battery
  • Programmable load bank disconnects non-critical loads in the event of a power outage and saves more battery power for critical loads
  • Up to four parallel capacity units enabling redundancy and load expansion (Applies to 5-10kVA)
  • Hot swappable battery ensures continuous operation even when batteries are being replaced
  • VRLA and Li-ion External Battery Cabinet (EBC) available for scalable runtime
  • Flexible battery quantity configuration allows for optimized battery investment. And when one battery fails, it can be removed without replacing the entire battery pack, reducing maintenance costs and effort
  • Power Distribution Box (PDB) and Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB) are each optional for easy configuration and easy UPS replacement
  • rRPP (Rack Remote Power Panel), which can be integrated with standard server racks, simplifies power output distribution and power monitoring
  • Typical battery configurations are supported in 15/20 kVA RT parallel mode to save on installation space and additional battery costs

Availability & Flexibility

  • Unity output power factor ensures no derating with load and delivers 100% kW. permanent
  • Best-in-class air conditioner efficiency up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode lowers energy costs
  • Automatic fan speed control maximizes system efficiency and significantly reduces audible noise and extends battery life
  • Fan failure detection sends early warning to facilitate UPS predictive maintenance