Vertiv Liebert STS2

The Liebert STS2 is a sophisticated Static Transfer Switch (STS) designed to provide uninterrupted power supply by switching between two independent AC power sources. This advanced power management solution is ideal for mission-critical environments such as data centers, telecommunications facilities, industrial operations, and healthcare institutions where maintaining continuous power is paramount.

Technical Specifications

Overload Capacity


Heat Output - (inches) (mm)

Net Weight - (lbs) (kg)


Operating Temperature

 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 2 mins

208, 220, 240, 380, 400, 415, 480, 575 or 600 VAC (field selectable), +/- 10% 1200-1850A chassis is 380, 400, 415, 480, 575 or 600 VAC +/-10%


1435 - 650

50 or 60Hz (field selectable), +/-10%

0 to 40°C

Key Features

Automatic and Manual Transfer

 Offers both automatic and manual transfer capabilities to seamlessly switch between primary and secondary power sources, ensuring continuous power supply.

High Current Capacity

Available in various models to support different current ratings, accommodating a wide range of power loads and requirements.

Fast Transfer Time

Ensures ultra-fast transfer times between power sources, typically within milliseconds, to prevent power interruptions and protect sensitive equipment.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

 Equipped with comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic features, including a user-friendly graphical interface, LED indicators, and alarms, to provide real-time status updates and alerts for potential issues.


Data Centers

 Ensures continuous power supply for critical servers, storage systems, and networking equipment, minimizing downtime and maintaining data integrity.

Financial Institutions

Protects data integrity and ensures uptime for banking and financial services operations, preventing costly interruptions.

Telecommunications Facilities

Provides reliable power switching for telecom infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted service and communication.

Healthcare: Maintains

power for essential medical equipment and devices in hospitals and clinics, ensuring patient safety and continuous care.

Industrial Operations

Supports large-scale industrial machinery and control systems, ensuring stable and continuous power for manufacturing processes.