Vertiv Liebert XDO Cooling Module

The Vertiv Liebert XDO Cooling Module is an advanced cooling solution designed specifically for high-density data centers and critical IT environments. This module is engineered to provide efficient and precise cooling by delivering air directly to hot spots, ensuring optimal temperature control.

The XDO module works in conjunction with a refrigerant distribution unit (RDU) and utilizes innovative cooling technology to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. Its compact and modular design allows for easy installation and integration into existing data center infrastructure, providing scalability to meet increasing cooling demands. With intelligent controls and real-time monitoring capabilities,

the Vertiv Liebert XDO Cooling Module maintains reliable performance and adapts to changing conditions, ensuring continuous and efficient operation. This robust cooling solution is designed to protect critical IT equipment, enhancing its performance and longevity.

Technical Specifications


Total Nominal Capacity kBtuh [kW]

Standard Airflow m3/h

Maximum Airflow m3/h



Liebert® XDO020

19.8 kW 





Key Features

Efficient Cooling Technology

Utilizes advanced cooling technology to deliver air directly to hot spots, ensuring precise temperature control and effective heat removal.

High Energy Efficiency

Designed to minimize energy consumption, leading to reduced operational costs and a lower environmental impact

Compact and Modular Design

Features a compact and modular design for easy installation and integration into existing data center infrastructure, allowing for scalability to meet growing cooling demands.

Intelligent Controls

Equipped with sophisticated control systems for real-time monitoring and performance optimization, ensuring reliable and continuous operation.

Robust Reliability

Constructed with high-quality components to ensure long-term reliability and minimal downtime, protecting critical IT equipment from overheating and maintaining optimal performance.


High-Density Data Centers

Ideal for high-density data centers requiring precise and efficient cooling to maintain optimal operating conditions for servers and other critical IT equipment.


Provides effective cooling for telecom infrastructure, ensuring reliable operation of critical communication systems.

Healthcare Facilities

Ensures optimal cooling for medical equipment and data centers in healthcare environments, maintaining equipment reliability and performance.

Financial Institutions

Supports the cooling needs of data centers in financial institutions, facilitating critical financial transactions and data processing.