Vertiv Liebert RG UPS 40kVA - 250kVA

The Vertiv Liebert RG UPS 40kVA - 250kVA is a highly advanced uninterruptible power supply system designed to provide robust and reliable power protection for large-scale and critical applications. This UPS model offers a wide capacity range from 40kVA to 250kVA, making it suitable for extensive IT infrastructure, data centers, industrial operations, and other mission-critical environments that require continuous and clean power.

The Liebert RG UPS employs cutting-edge true double-conversion online technology. This ensures that the power delivered to connected equipment is consistent and free from disturbances such as surges, spikes, brownouts, and electrical noise. By converting incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC, the UPS provides a stable and uninterrupted power output, which is essential for maintaining the operation of sensitive and critical systems.

Overall, the Vertiv Liebert RG UPS 40kVA - 250kVA is a high-performance power protection solution that combines advanced technology, high efficiency, and user-friendly features. Its ability to provide clean and continuous power, coupled with its flexibility and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical systems across a wide range of applications. Whether for large data centers, industrial facilities, telecommunications, or other mission-critical environments, the Liebert RG UPS delivers the reliability and performance necessary to protect your operations.

Technical Specifications


Power Rating




Liebert RG 40kVA


1335 mm

600 mm

500 kgs

Liebert RG 60kVA


1750 mm

1000 mm

875 kgs

Liebert RG 80kVA


1750 mm

1000 mm

875 kgs

Liebert RG 120kVA


1850 mm

1200 mm

950 kgs

Key Features

High Efficiency and Energy Savings

Operates with high efficiency to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Scalable and Modular Design

Modular design facilitates easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

User-Friendly Interface

Equipped with an LCD or touchscreen display for real-time status updates, diagnostics, and configuration options.

Warranty and Support

Comes with a comprehensive warranty and access to Vertiv’s global service network for support and maintenance.

Advanced Monitoring and Management

Compatible with Vertiv’s comprehensive monitoring software for enhanced visibility and control.

Flexible Installation Options

Suitable for various installation environments, including data centers, industrial facilities, and telecommunications systems.

Energy Efficient Operation

ECO mode operation for improved energy savings & High-efficiency operation reduces energy consumption and operational costs.

High Reliability and Performance

Designed to deliver reliable power protection for mission-critical applications.


Data Center

Ideal for large data centers that require reliable power protection for their critical infrastructure.

Large IT and Network Infrastructure

Protects servers, networking equipment, and other critical IT infrastructure from power disturbances.

Industrial Applications

Protects industrial equipment and processes from power interruptions and power quality issues.


Ensures reliable power supply for telecommunication systems and equipment.

Commercial Environments

Suitable for protecting office IT equipment, ensuring business continuity and data protection.