Vertiv Smart Cabinet 2 Split

The Vertiv Smart Cabinet 2 Split is an advanced, integrated data center infrastructure solution designed to encompass all essential components within a single, compact cabinet. This system includes cooling, power distribution, environmental monitoring, and system management, all seamlessly integrated to provide a cohesive and efficient operation. The Smart Cabinet 2 Split is engineered to offer high energy efficiency, ease of installation, and flexibility in placement, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized data center environments or remote locations.

By incorporating an efficient cooling system, the unit maintains optimal temperatures for IT equipment, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. The advanced power distribution units (PDUs) within the cabinet ensure a stable and reliable power supply to all connected devices, minimizing the risk of power-related issues. Comprehensive environmental monitoring capabilities, including sensors for temperature, humidity, and security, allow for continuous monitoring of the data center environment to maintain optimal operating conditions.

Technical Specifications






Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ Premium

2000 mm 

800 mm 

1100 mm 

362 kgs 

SmartCabinet™ 2 Split 600mm

2000 mm 

600 mm 

1200 mm 

332 kgs 

SmartCabinet™ 2 Split 800mm

2000 mm 

800 mm 

1200 mm 

362 kgs 

Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ 2-E

2150 mm 

600 mm 

1200 mm 

350 kg 

Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ 2-M

1650 mm 

600 mm 

1000 mm 

200 kgs 

Key Features

Integrated Cooling System

The Vertiv Smart Cabinet 2 Split features an efficient cooling system that maintains optimal temperatures for IT equipment, ensuring reliable performance and preventing overheating.

Advanced Power Distribution

Equipped with advanced power distribution units (PDUs) that provide stable and reliable power to all connected devices, minimizing the risk of power interruptions and ensuring continuous operation.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

Includes sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, and security, enabling real-time environmental monitoring to maintain optimal operating conditions and prevent potential issues.

Remote Management and Monitoring

Allows for remote monitoring and management through a centralized platform, enhancing operational efficiency by reducing the need for on-site maintenance and enabling quick responses to any issues.

Scalability and Flexibility

Designed to be easily scalable and flexible, allowing for easy expansion and customization to meet the specific needs of different data center environments. This adaptability ensures that the system can grow and evolve with the changing demands of the business.


High-Density Data Centers

The Vertiv Smart Cabinet 2 Split is ideal for small to medium-sized data centers that require an integrated and efficient infrastructure solution. It consolidates cooling, power distribution, and monitoring within a single unit, optimizing space and resources.

Edge Computing Sites

Suitable for edge computing sites where space is limited, the compact and all-in-one nature of the Smart Cabinet 2 Split makes it perfect for decentralized locations that need robust IT infrastructure close to the data source.

Remote Locations

Perfect for remote locations that require reliable and easily manageable data center infrastructure. The remote management capabilities allow IT staff to monitor and control the system without needing frequent on-site visits, ensuring consistent operation.

Disaster Recovery Sites

Can be used in disaster recovery sites to ensure business continuity. The integrated design and reliability of the Smart Cabinet 2 Split make it an excellent choice for secondary sites that need to be quickly operational in case of primary site failure