Vertiv Liebert STS CROSS Rack, 16-63 A

The Liebert CROSS Rack, 16-63 A Static Transfer Switch (STS), is a critical power distribution solution designed to ensure the seamless and reliable transfer of power between two independent AC power sources. This product is specifically tailored for data centers, network closets, and other IT infrastructure environments where maintaining continuous power is essential for operational efficiency and data integrity.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Voltage (V)

Nominal Voltage (V) - LV model

Input phases

Nominal frequency (Hz)

Efficiency at nominal power %

Height - Width (mm)


EMC Compatibility

Nominal Voltage (V) 230 (220/240 selectable)

120 (110/115 selectable)

1 + N



430 (19”) - 85 (2U)

CE marking, IEC/EN 62310-

IEC/EN 62310-2

Key Features

Automatic and Manual Transfer

 Provides both automatic and manual switching capabilities between primary and secondary power sources, ensuring continuous power supply and eliminating downtime.

Wide Current Range

Supports a current range from 16 to 63 Amperes, making it suitable for a variety of applications and load requirements.

Rack-Mountable Design

The compact and modular rack-mountable design allows for easy integration into standard 19-inch server racks, optimizing space usage in IT environments.

Fast Transfer Time

Offers ultra-fast transfer times between power sources, typically in the range of milliseconds, to prevent interruptions and protect sensitive equipment.

Advanced Monitoring

Equipped with comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic features, including LED indicators and alarms, to provide real-time status updates and alerts for potential issues.

High Reliability

 Built with high-quality components and robust construction to ensure long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.

Safety and Protection

 Incorporates advanced protection features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and voltage regulation to safeguard connected equipment.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive user interface for easy configuration, management, and troubleshooting.


Data Centers

Ensures continuous power supply for critical servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

Network Closets

Provides reliable power switching for smaller IT setups and telecommunications equipment.

Financial Institutions

Protects data integrity and ensures uptime for banking and financial services operations.


Maintains power for essential medical equipment and devices in hospitals and clinics.

Industrial Automation

Supports industrial control systems and machinery that require uninterrupted power.